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Global Forum 2017

Presently, the world economy is experiencing a protracted crisis. Further, diminishing resources in an ever-increasing population presents additional challenges and in order to improve the situation both locally and globally, we need new types of entrepreneurial thinking. The aim of the Youth Global Forum 2017 is to bring young people together to discuss and redefine what it means to be thinking as an entrepreneur in today’s economic climate.

One of the key visions of the UAE’s national agenda is to develop a sustainable knowledge-based economy in addition to becoming one of the world leaders in the Human Development Index. As such, the cosmopolitan city of Dubai was an obvious choice to host this year’s Youth Global Forum which will be focused on Ethical Entrepreneurship in the Time of a Competitive Knowledge-based Economy.

Through a series of educational and interactive workshops and keynote speeches led by a team of highly-accomplished guest speakers, over 100 participants from across the globe will be presented with the opportunity to unlock their leadership potential and increase professional growth.

Additionally, participants of the Youth Global Forum Forum 2017 will have a direct opportunity to apply for Youth Time International Movement's Idea Grant - with the winner acquiring direct support toward the implementation of his or her project. Other winners are awarded one year bachelor/masters scholarships by Anglo American University and Zagreb School of Business.


Why apply for the Youth Global Forum in Dubai?

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Thanks to a comprehensive program filled with interactive talks and workshops conducted by esteemed speakers, participants at the event will be equipped with the necessary tools to build the foundations for success in their future entrepreneurial endeavors.

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From Brazil to China, Canada to Indonesia, participants will have the opportunity to meet with over 100 likeminded young entrepreneurs travelling from all corners of the globe. They’ll also be given the chance to network with experts in the fields of business, startups, science and technology.

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Through Youth Time International Movement's cultural exchange program, participants will join together to celebrate diversity during trips to some of Dubai’s most exciting attractions, including a day on the dunes whilst taking part on a desert safari!



I was deeply impressed actually. It was variety spectrum of the projects and also we were given opportunity to create synergies here and exchange best practices.

I've attended the Youth Global Forum, and it has radically changed my life. I have found like-minded people and it invigorates, which is fantastic!

Events like this are very useful for young people, because young people, no matter their nationality, need intercultural communication and leadership skills to succeed.

All new knowledge that I gained will be very useful to apply not just in my professional, but in life in general.

I was invited to participate in the first event organized by YT back in 2010. I actually didn't have high expectations. That forum was supposed to be just another ordinary conference where I would present my work. But it was anything but ordinary. It was actually the first organization I had encountered that was created by youth for youth. Since then I am involved in YT activities on a regular basis.

The event is going to change my life, the life and success of the company I work for and finally life of my country.

We really depend on young people in order to make our countries and world a better place. Events like this where young and active youth who can invest their passion and time on changing the future gather together to discuss social issues and find solutions are important.

It is all about power of dreaming at YT Global Forum but it is also about the power of actions, of making your dreams coming true by creating projects that will make a difference in your societies or maybe even bigger impacts around the world.

The Youth Global Forum in Barcelona was one of the best experiences of my life. I was able to meet with amazing people from across the globe and gain a true world perspective on issues. I was able to take that knowledge and use it to better my community at home.

The Global Forum gave me a lot of energy to do something at a very large level. Events like this giving a lot of sense of possibility to youngsters.

Event Program

A harmonious combination of educational and cultural exchange programs encourages participants to become creative, innovative and responsible. This will help young people to foster leadership, human values and a sense of social responsibility toward the global community in addition to leaving them feeling empowered. Through a series of workshops, masterclasses, and keynote speeches presented by honorable guests, participants will gain added insight on different perspectives related to entrepreneurship. Topics include:

  • Cryptocurrency as an Effective Tool for Startups;
  • The Role of Young Entrepreneurs in the Future of SMART Cities;
  • The Role of Individuals in a Sustainable Knowledge-based Economy;
  • The Role of Technology in a Sustainable Knowledge-based Economy;
  • Utilizing Blockchain for Social Innovation;
  • Strategies for SMART City Startups;
  • Building Your Brand: Your Image in the Marketplace;
  • The 5 Pillars of Being an Ethical Entrepreneur;
  • Social Factors that Influence Knowledge Development and Knowledge Management Techniques;
  • The Importance of Ethics in the Process of Digitilization of Life.



Participants with innovative business for social impact ideas will be given the chance to present their own entrepreneurial projects, with the best being awarded Youth Time's Idea Grant to realize it. Other prizes will include a full scholarship at Zagreb School of Business and a one-year scholarship at Anglo American University. This year, the project themes include:

  • Empowerment;
  • Education;
  • Sustainable Environment;
  • Social Innovation.
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Cultural Exchange Program

Attendees of the Youth Global Forum will also have the chance to explore Dubai and immerse themselves within UAE culture throughout Youth Time International Movement's traditional cultural exchange program. This year’s itinerary includes trips to see some of the city’s most famous attractions in addition to a day spent on safari in the desert. From henna painting to sandboarding, camel rides to dune bashing, participants will have an unforgettable experience!

Dubai Safari Cultural Exchange Program


LOGO youth time

Youth Time International Movement (YT) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in Prague in 2010. YT offers a unique opportunity for young people from all over the world to take part in a tangible network for young active social leaders, as it provides a platform where they can discuss and solve social issues they encounter in their daily lives. YT also offers young people the opportunity to speak with acknowledged professionals and specialists, it supports an open dialogue between younger and older generations, as well as between social and governmental institutes. YT believes that sharing experiences and knowledge can help in constructing a positive future for the current generation as well for generations to come. 

LOGO Partner Dubai GF

GAYSW is the supreme governmental authority responsible for the welfare of youth and sport sector in United Arab Emirates. GAYSW is playing a leading role in providing a positive attractive environment that enables youth (including the gifted and talented) to develop physical and mental abilities, utilize free time, improve creative skills, deepen national identity principles, instill loyalty, belonging and voluntary work sense. It works also on competitive, recreational and traditional sport development and how to provide a healthy clean environment (free of doping) to carry it out, and make possible to upgrade results at national and international levels.

Previous and Current Partners

aau aau International Business School Barcelona aiesec
eurodemos eyp juventude student agency tatravagonka brics
alstom bernard magrez rkb english radio siemens atlanta group
portalmladi yoportunities estudent ea grantist ies consulting



Confirmed Speakers for the Youth Global Forum Dubai 2017.

Dr. Allam Ahmed Mr. Yousef Khalili  Dr. Vladimir Yakunin
allam ahmed Yousef Khalili  VladimirYakunin
Founding Director of Middle Eastern Knowledge Economy Institute (MEKEI) and Founding President of World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD)
Head of Smart City Consulting Practice and Smart City As-A-Service at NXN (formerly neXgen) Chairman at Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute
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Mr. Jimmy Gani Mr. Roman Vishnevskiy  Ms. Dana Afriza
jimmy gani  roman vishnevskiy  Ms. Dana Afriza
Executive Director & CEO IPMI International Business School Managing Partner at United Traders LLC,  Director of External Relations & Communication at IPMI
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Ms. Dorotea Milas

Mr. Mohammad Shaheed Khan

Dr. Delfina Fantini van Ditmar
Dorotea-Milas  Mohammad Shaheed Khan  fantini
Lecturer at Zagreb School of Business  President (Bahrain), Harvard Business School Club of GCC Visiting Lecturer
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Past speakers at earlier YT Forums and Summer Schools have included:

 Nick Fewings Richard Werner  Waleed Sadek
 Nick Fewings 1 richard werner Waleed Sadek 1 
 CEO, Ngagementworks

Director, Centre for Banking, Finance and Sustainable Development

Co-chair Sustainable Development Commission,  United Nations
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Ekkehard Ernst   Felix Marquardt Dr. Bruno Sergi
Ekkehard Felix bruno

Founding partner of Geneva Economics

Founder, Youthonomics Instructor of The Economics of
Emerging Markets Asia
and Eastern Europe and
Political Economy of Russia
and China at Harvard University  
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Carlo Ratti Farah Mohamed Lorraine Nugent
Carlo Ratti Farah Mohamed Lorraine Nugent
Founder & CEO, Carlo Ratti Association CEO, G(irls)20 Founding Partner, Young Start-up Talent
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Peter Loescher Rolf Schmidt-Holtz Rob Van Kranenburg
Peter Loescher rolf schmidt holtz Rob Van Kranenburg
Former CEO, Siemens AG Founder, Just Software AG Co-founder, Internet of People


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